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« Que la malédiction de Nostradamus soit levée»

1ère et 4ème de couverture
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An esoteric thriller.

A scientific journey.

An actual testimony by the one that lived the facts.

Is the curse cast by Nostradamus in his famous chanted quatrain VI 100 toward those eager to understand not only a pure fantasy created by the brainstorming mind of the author fallen deep into decoding the prophet’s masterpiece. Or perhaps can we bind the strange and tragic fate of the esoteric scholar Nocam to a real curse?


And why would he be the only one touched among all the other scientists working on Nostradamus?

And why is he spared while his relatives encounter death or madness?

The book answers to those questions and unveils the incredible truth, beyond science-fiction!

At the same time the author reveals his last discoveries on Nostradamus’ prophecies :
- The dating tables used by the prophet to code his dates and quatrains,
- The multi-temporal aspect of some quatrains linking future and past events,
- The coming discovery of Jesus-Christ’s second tomb after his death, which puts the doubt on the ascension dogma.
- The explanation and the decoding of the mini-chronology of the almanac for 1566.

« Nostradamus, premier décodage daté
Application : cataclysme annoncé
pour 2209-2218 »

11 EXTRAITS du 1er Livre
 « Nostradamus, 1er décodage
et cataclysme » 
Découverte mini-chronologie
biblique sur Almanach 1566

« Que la malédiction
de Nostradamus soit levée »

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